Welcome to, the website of Henry M. Jackson High School’s FRC Team 2910, Jack in the Bot!

Who Are We?

We are FIRST robotics team 2910 Jack in the Bot, a robotics team from Henry M. Jackson High School in Mill Creek, Washington.

Our team started in the August of 2008, when a group of Boeing employees met with a career technical education teacher from our high school at the local Round Table Pizza. A few months later our team was in front of a live NASA broadcast being presented our first robotics challenge. We pumped hours upon hours of our time into crafting a robot that, in our opinion, would have an actual chance against the veterans in the FIRST Robotics competition. While bolting pieces of metal to each other, we had to organize team communication, team rules, and team funding. However it was a task that we accomplished with a combination of hard work and community support.

Now, eight years later, we are as capable as ever. We have gathered a sizeable record of awards, including four Team Spirit Awards, two Engineering Inspiration Awards, and two Imagery Awards. Many of our members have come and gone, but in their place are dozens of fresh faces ready to explore and learn. Our much-appreciated mentors are as important as ever, and we are fortunate to have many alumni who have rejoined the team as mentors.

After a very successful season in 2016, our team is back and ready to work as hard as ever through the coming year. This year, we aim to not only recruit as many new members as possible, but also to completely overhaul our lessons and training. We hope to begin a new era of safety culture, while also emphasizing the importance of precision and cooperation through the universal education of CAD.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire young people to become leaders in the fields of science and technology. Through exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, students learn not only how enjoyable science and technology is, but also just how much they are capable of! We strive to build a healthy and productive team dynamic  that inspires innovation, prioritizes safety, and  fosters well-rounded life capabilities such as self-confidence, communication, and leadership. We hope that the skills and knowledge that students culture here will stay with them beyond high school and into their future careers!

Our Goals

To impart young people with the knowledge and skills to become leaders in science and technology

To create a safe environment in which students can learn, experiment, and grow

To have a positive impact on the community around us through outreach, volunteering at events, and other community involvement opportunities