Maggie, affectionately known as “Mrs. T.”,  is Team 2910’s coach and advisor. Maggie co-founded Team 2910 in 2008 with former mentor, Brian Gattman, an endeavor which continues to be a labor of love. Even now, she is continually impressed with the passion, dedication, and energy the team has for FIRST. Maggie says, “They are fantastic and I am so glad to be part of this team!”

Education: M.Ed., Instructional Technology
Western Washington University
Employer: H.M. Jackson High School, Computer Science Teacher

Simply “Pihl” to our students, Kyle is Team 2910’s assistant coach and advisor, joining the team at a coach in the 2019-2020 season. Mr. Pihl has taught mathematics since 2014 and joined the JHS faculty in 2018.

Education: Western Washington University

Employer: H.M. Jackson High School, Mathematics Teacher

2020-2021 Student Officers

Director of Engineering

Timothy Tien

Assistant Director of Engineering

Alexa Bublitz

Team Administrator


Abhinandan Basak

Public Relations

Katie Hagman

Media and Marketing

David Hyun


Being an FRC Team mentor is fun, exciting, and sometimes a little crazy. Your passion for your work is a valuable asset for our team. Please contact our Lead Mentor, Patrick Woolfenden, to learn more.

Lead Mentor & Manufacturing Coach

Patrick’s experience with FIRST began as a student on Team 2910. After earning his degree, he returned in 2016 as a mentor. Patrick’s practical expertise in CAD, fabrication, electrical, and system architecture are invaluable. Patrick also serves as the team’s drive coach, assistant coach, and lead mentor.

Education: BS, Mechanical Engineering
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Employer: Fluke Corporation, Mechanical Design Engineer


Royce Allister

Royce initially got involved with FIRST as a 3-year member of Team 2910. In 2016, Royce returned as a programming sub-team mentor. Royce’s ongoing dedication to and support of Team 2910 is something we really appreciate and count on. Royce’s employer, Microsoft, is also a big supporter of Team 2910, and of FIRST everywhere.

Education: BS, Computer Science and Software Engineering
University of Washington
Employer: Microsoft, Software Engineer

Kai-Hwa Yao

A 4-year alumnus of Team 2910, Kai-Hwa returned as a programming sub-team mentor in 2016. Kai-Hwa helps with the mathematical “heavy lifting” of robot programming, particularly with vision systems and architecture/design. Kai-Hwa brings his own unique set of skills to the team to help us build a better bot each year.

Education: BS, Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation
DigiPen Institute of Technology
Employer: NVIDIA, Graphics Software Engineer


Athina Ebert

Athina is another FIRST alumna, a member of Team 2910 for two years. After earning her degree, she returned to mentor in 2017, working primarily with our electrical sub-team. Her employer, Electroimpact, is one of our oldest team sponsors.

Education: BS, Electrical Engineering
University of Washington
Employer: Electroimpact, Electrical Engineer


Chris Funke

Kyle Jeffries

Kyle began mentoring the team in 2015, bringing his professional experience to the mechanical sub-team and the shop in general. Outside of the shop, you might run into Kyle on a ski hill or backpacking. His employer, Electroimpact, sponsors Team 2910 and other local FIRST teams.

Education: BS, Mechanical Engineering
University of Washington
Employer: Electroimpact, Project Manager

Brian McCarthy

Harry McDonald

Harry is a mechanical engineer and has been involved with FIRST robotics for many years. Harry’s area of expertise is mechanical.

Kevin Torrico

Kevin is an aerospace engineer and has been involved with FIRST robotics for a number of years. An alumnus of Team 1014, Kevin divides his time mentoring two FRC Teams, 2910 and 2930, and also supporting local FLL events and teams.

Media & Marketing

Andrea Riseden-Perry

Andrea wishes that FIRST had been around when she was in school, but she got here as fast as she could, namely when her own student joined the team in 2017. In 2018, Andrea started mentoring the media and marketing team as part of her personal mission to help create good design wherever she can.

Education: BA, Psychology
Reed College
AAA, Visual Communication
Art Institute of Seattle
Employer: Freelance graphic designer

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