Varsity letters are awarded at the end of the season to those who exemplify the ideals of of our team. To earn one, team members must complete all six category A requirements, and at least one category B requirement.

Category A Requirements

1. Member has supported their subteam in a significant way.

2. Member has volunteered at two or more FIRST competitions.

3. Member has attended at least two events showcasing the team to the school or local community.

4. Member has participated in at least three team fundraisers.

5. Member has maintained a GPA of 2.5 or better for the current school year.

6. Member has attended at least four competitions as a member of our team (not volunteering).

Category B Requirements

1. Member has submitted two event reports or submitted an article to a newspaper or online publication.

2. Member has invested time in creating, sharing, or facilitating member recruitment. (Documentation required)

3. Member has participated in ten hours of approved volunteering activities outside of the category A requirements. (Documentation required)

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