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Team 2910 is pleased to introduce our student officers for the 2019-2020 season. Pictured left to right are:

  • Katie Hagman, Public Relations — This is Katie’s third year on the team, and her second year as an officer, in addition to acting as a sub-team leader ing 2018-2019. Her primary duties include sponsor recruitment and retention, community and FIRST outreach, student recruiting, and ASB representation.
  • Aspen Perry, Team Administrator — After acting as Human Player for both Power Up and Destination: Deep Space, as well as a sub-team leader for 2018-2019, Aspen has joined the officer team for her third year with 2910. Her primary duties include team organization, communication, and schedule management, team roster and record keeping, meeting agendas and minutes, and assisting our coach, Mrs. T., as necessary.
  • Francis Lara, Treasurer — In her third year on the team, Francis has previously been a sub-team leader and team Safety Captain for the Destination: Deep Space season. Francis will oversee the team budget, manage purchase orders, and help to develop the team’s business plan along with the PR officer. Francis will also organize and promote team fundraisers.
  • Ryan Patricelli, Assistant Director of Engineering — Entering his second year on the team, Ryan worked with CAD last season and learned to use some of the more advanced machining equipment in our shop. Ryan’s duties include overseeing shop and safety protocols, pit organization and management, scouting organization, and the Bill of Materials.
  • Tim Tien, Director of Engineering — A third year team member, this is Tim’s second year as an officer, as well as having been a sub-team leader last season and co-driver for Destination: Deep Space. Tim’s duties include planning off-season projects, oversight of mechanical, programming, and electrical sub-teams to create an integrated robot, meeting leadership, and practical skills training for students.
  • David Hyun, Media and Marketing — David is back for his third year on the team, having been a sub-team leader and competition media leader for the Destination: Deep Space season. David will represent media team at officer meetings, assist with Business and Marketing plan, oversee social media and video production calendar, update printed materials and develop and execute the media coverage plan at all team events.
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