In 2019 Off-Season

The weekend of October 12 and 13, Team 2910: Jack in the Bot traveled to Tahoma High School to compete in the 2019 Washington Girls’ Generation event, a competition that features girls and women in key team roles. We went 8-2-0 in qualification matches and with those complete, we ended at the number 3 seed. During alliance selection, we invited team 2522 Royal Robotics to join our alliance. For our second pick, we invited team 1899 Saints Robotics as a defense bot. Both teams accepted and our alliance was complete. Despite a few difficulties, we won our quarter finals, semi finals, and finals matches in straight sets of 2 out of 3 with the help of our backup alliance partner, team 4180 Iron Riders. Our current record for the 2019 season is now 114-23-1, which means that we have won 82.6% of the matches we played this season! We are grateful for Team 2046 Bear Metal for hosting, and we give our thanks to our sponsors, mentors, boosters, parents, and to all the other teams who competed for making this a great event.

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