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Team 2910 Jack in the Bot traveled to Glacier Peak High School to compete in the 2020 Glacier Peak Event last weekend, February 29th through March 1st. We went 11-1-0 in our qualification matches and we ended at the number 1 seed. During our alliance selection, our first pick was team 4911 Cyberknights and our second pick was team 4173 IMVERT. Our alliance was complete as both teams accepted. We won our quarter finals, semi finals, and finals matches in straight sets of 2 out of 3. Our team took home a blue banner alongside an award for our performance during the autonomous period. In addition, our coach Maggie Thorliefson was nominated for the Woodie Flowers award for her 12 years of service to our team. We are very thankful for team 2930 Sonic Squirrels for hosting this event as well as our sponsors, mentors, parents, and boosters and all of the other teams who competed!

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