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Team 2910 Jack in the Bot made the long travel to Spokane to compete in the 2020 West Valley Event March 5th through 7th. In our qualification matches, we went 10-2-0 and we ended at the number 2 seed. During alliance selections, we were invited by team 4911 Cyberknights to join their alliance. We accepted, and together we decided to invite team 6076 Mustang Mechanica, which accepted. Because this event was small with only 24 teams competing, there were only 7 alliances, and the number one alliance got a “by” to the semi-finals. Our alliance won our semi-finals and finals matches in straight sets. Not only did our team take home a winner’s blue banner, but also an award for our autonomous performance. We thank team 2147 CHUCK for hosting this event, and we also thank our sponsors, parents, mentors, and all of the other teams who competed!

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